Kids write for kids contest

Kids Get Chance to Become Published eBook Authors

Ripple Digital Publishing calls for stories for kids by kids   Know of a child who aspires to be the next J.K. Rowling or Robert Munsch? If someone ages 6 to 12 in your life loves to tell stories, here’s an opportunity to share with them. Ripple Digital Publishing is announcing a really exciting initiative […]

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Beds for Teenagers

Tips When Creating Teenager Style Bedrooms

Making perfect teenager style bedrooms are not child’s play. In fact, there are many things to consider and reconsider when parents decide to design the bedrooms of their teens. Similar to how teens develop in their current stage in life, their taste of how their bedrooms appear changes as well. Unfortunately, their bedroom satisfaction is […]

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Tips for Buying Toys Online

If you are planning to purchase a product for your kids, it is important that you know first the tips on buying toys online. This is important because there are some toys which are not appropriate for your kids. Not only that because, there are specific toys that are only suited depending on the age […]

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Baby Shower Banner

Great Ideas for Baby Shower Banners

In African traditional society and other continents’ cultural beliefs a new born baby was considered a blessing to not only the family but also the society at large. For this reason, it was welcomed greatly and differently in different society. The culture has continued to date and the modern generation extends the welcoming celebrations to […]

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Kids Party

Choosing the Best Kids Party Games Can Be Easy Peasy

Kids are a sign of good things; blessings from God. This is the belief held by several, if not all, of the societies in most parts of the world. The birth of a new born is greatly appreciated and the respective societies hold cultural celebrations to usher in a new born baby. Every achievement realized […]

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Lullaby Baby Bedtime music – fisher price

Put your baby to sleep with this relaxing music. Extended version Video Rating: 4 / 5 FREE MUSIC …hours of free music!

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Lapiluv @ Toy Fair 2012 NEW**Wearable Baby activity center

Lapiluv is the only wearable activity center that mixes technology and traditional toys Interactive! Play with your baby, while looking at his face Technological! Take advantage of the hundreds of apps designed for your baby Traditional! Or use the six, traditional developmental toys that come with your Lapiluv Portable! Keep all your child’s favorite toys […]

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